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All the wonderful photography on this web site is the amazing work of Gary Taylor Photography...Enjoy!



Sit tight.


We are dingo owners/companions. (you can never own a dingo). You can take the dingo out of the wild, but never the wild out of the dingo...

We share our lives with dingoes and our passion and our purpose is to see all dingoes given protection as a native species across Australia!

Our aim here is to educate you the public...

I have spent many years studying the ecological function of dingoes. I have done this for our own satisfaction and understanding of the dingo.

I have got to see dingoes in both stable and unstable pack situations.

The ecological function of dingoes is highly dependent on stable social structures, this aspect of their biology is key in providing essential eco-system services.

The dingo evolved and adapted in the Australian environment for at least 5,000 years. No one knows exactly how the dingo got here!

The myth is, the government signed off theory that says the dingo has only been here 3,500-5,000 years.

The government accepts this theory as it makes it easier to eradicate the dingo.

 Our Indigenous people say that the dingo has been here as long as they have.

Without further research and education the dingo will go the way of the Thylacine.

.My dream is to  share with the world how amazing our native dingo, really is, and how very deserving it is of our protection.

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